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masterRewrite nearly everythingDawid Potocki10 months
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2021-10-22Rewrite nearly everythingHEADmasterDawid Potocki
2021-03-26Switch from github.com to git.dawidpotocki.comDawid Potocki
2021-03-26Fix `aside.html` left padding in mobile viewDawid Potocki
2021-03-26Add an `/about` page and `flag.html` partialDawid Potocki
2021-03-26Change LICENSE to BSD-2-ClauseDawid Potocki
2021-03-15Fix feed button looking weird on WebKit and older browsersDawid Potocki
2021-03-01Remove `mail.dawidpotocki.com` from nginxDawid Potocki
2021-02-01Put nginx logs in a separate fileDawid Potocki
2021-02-01Add light themeDawid Potocki
2020-11-19Add default styling to more HTML elementsDawid Potocki
2020-11-19Switch Matrix account to my own Matrix instanceDawid Potocki
2020-11-19Update Tailwind to v2.0.1 and other dependenciesDawid Potocki
2020-08-16Remove space after dot in descriptionDawid Potocki
2020-08-16Replace Mastodon with my self-hosted PleromaDawid Potocki
2020-08-12Simplify `ssl_ciphers` in nginx configDawid Potocki
2020-08-12Set default OpenGraph imageDawid Potocki
2020-08-11Add alt text to all imagesDawid Potocki
2020-08-11Change site description and add it to metadataDawid Potocki
2020-08-11Run Jekyll development server on to test on other local devicesDawid Potocki
2020-08-11Use official flag designsDawid Potocki