BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/0.3revert "Fix only one a single mod initializer getting loaded (#85)"asie2 years
dev/0.4adapt entrypoint parsing code for the 10th timeAdrian Siekierka2 years
dev/0.5minor ModCandidate code cleanupAdrian Siekierka22 months
dev/0.7Update mixinmodmuss5020 months
masterBump versionmodmuss508 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-03-12Bump versionHEADmastermodmuss50
2021-03-12Dont add builtin mods to classpath. Fixes #395 (#400)modmuss50
2021-02-23Bump versionmodmuss50
2021-02-23Separate out Knot.init and Knot.launch (#364)Devan-Kerman
2021-02-23Update mixin and asm to support newer java versions. (#381)modmuss50
2021-02-23Initialize mods' root path lazily. (#365)Player
2021-01-15Bump versionmodmuss50
2021-01-15Dependency Overrides (#360)modmuss50
2021-01-10Bump versionmodmuss50
2021-01-10Make EntrypointContainer lazy (#313)Glitch
2021-01-10Add mod ID aliases to Fabric Loader via `provides` (#334)AMereBagatelle
2021-01-10Add an error message to positive (but unsupported) schema versions. (#340)AlexIIL
2021-01-10Add the current Java version as a built-in dependency (#350)ramidzkh
2021-01-10Fix manifests when doing runtime mod remapping (#358)zml
2021-01-07Fix typo in EnvType javadocyyny
2021-01-07Add support for specifying the game version via program argument or system pr...Player
2020-12-28Remove game version from "no game provider" error, there can't possibly be onePlayer
2020-12-01Drop use of all remote buildscripts (#335)i509VCB
2020-12-01Fix fabric-loader in some development environments (#315)Arc'blroth
2020-11-15Bump versionPlayer