BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.12-stableReplace all occurences of '@VERSION@' during build (#88)Thomas Guillemard2 years
feature/javadocMake sure that deob entries are detected for JavaDocThog5 years
feature/method-converterMethod Converter: Add bytecode matching to match what is identicalThog5 years
masterBump versionMarco Rebhan9 days
version-fixReplace all occurences of '@VERSION@' during buildThog2 years
v0.11_betacommit e9229a70dd...Cuchaz6 years
v0.10.4_betacommit 51b92b780b...Cuchaz6 years
v0.10.3_betacommit 902b1b519f...Cuchaz6 years
v0.10.2_betacommit 73b17a9e30...jeff6 years
v0.10.1_betacommit f8e16c8889...jeff6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysBump versionHEADmasterMarco Rebhan
9 daysFix scroll speed being dependent on the line count in the file.Marco Rebhan
2021-04-09Bump versionMarco Rebhan
2021-04-09Merge pull request #379 from YanisBft/entry-and-search2xsaiko
2021-04-07Update translationsYanis48
2021-04-07New ways to searchYanis48
2021-04-07Allow only one selected entry in treesYanis48
2021-04-07Simplify toString() implementationsYanis48
2021-04-07Reorganize entry namesYanis48
2021-04-06Bump versionMarco Rebhan
2021-04-06Merge pull request #375 from YanisBft/fix-3742xsaiko
2021-04-06Merge pull request #372 from YanisBft/copy-descriptor2xsaiko
2021-04-06Fix visual inconsistencies after changing theme settings.Marco Rebhan
2021-04-06Fix progress bar being very tall.Marco Rebhan
2021-04-06Make progress dialog thread-safe.Marco Rebhan
2021-04-03Fix warning/error formatting in editorYanis48
2021-04-02Copy method/field descriptor on clickYanis48
2021-03-30Bump versionMarco Rebhan
2021-03-30Show scrollbar buttons when using FlatLaf.Marco Rebhan
2021-03-30Set null javadoc instead of empty/blank string when clearing the text in the ...Marco Rebhan