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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-23Fix LDFLAGS for UbuntuVictor Timofei
2020-08-19Added back the ability to change compiler with CC environment variable.aidan
2020-08-12Merge pull request #12 from kdkasad/patch-1torrinfail
2020-08-11added blocks.def.h to act as default blocks file so that changes made inAidan
2020-07-28Merge branch 'master' into patch-1torrinfail
2020-07-06Added variable in makefile to change c compilerAidan
2020-05-29Fixed argument order for gccTaylor Henderson
2020-05-04Change `cp`/`chmod` to `install`Kian Kasad
2020-03-03Makefile: Set permissioncrian
2020-03-02Makefile: Add uninstallcrian
2020-03-02Makefile: Use DESTDIR and PREFIXcrian
2019-12-12Changed Makefile to use pkg-config to find libraries.Aidan
2019-11-26Added -f option to rm in clean command.Aidan
2019-03-26Changed Makefile to also complie when running install.Aidan
2019-03-24Added install option.Aidan
2019-03-24Changed makefile to include X11 libraries.Aidan
2019-03-24Added code files, and Makefile.Aidan