BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate window rulesDawid Potocki4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-22Update window rulesHEADmasterDawid Potocki
2021-12-09Revert "Improve speed of drw_text when provided with large strings"Hiltjo Posthuma
2021-12-09Improve speed of drw_text when provided with large stringsMiles Alan
2021-12-09Add a configuration option for fullscreen lockingQuentin Rameau
2021-12-09Do not allow focus to drift from fullscreen client via focusstack()Chris Down
2021-12-09Remove Mod-Button2 toggle floating bindingDawid Potocki
2021-12-09Update window rulesDawid Potocki
2021-12-08Use a more sensible variable name for KeePassXC scratchpadDawid Potocki
2021-12-08Apply actualfullscreen patchDawid Potocki
2021-12-08Fix dwm bar font sizing with newest XorgDawid Potocki
2021-12-08Update coloursDawid Potocki
2021-02-27Apply a lot of personal changesDawid Potocki
2020-08-21Fix x coordinate calculation in buttonpress.Ian Remmler
2020-07-08dwm.1: fix wrong text in man pageHiltjo Posthuma
2020-06-11Fix memory leaks in drwAlex Flierl
2020-04-25dwm crashes when opening 50+ clients (tile layout)bakkeby
2020-04-22drawbar: Don't shadow sw globalChris Down
2020-04-22getatomprop: Add forward declarationChris Down
2020-04-20setmfact: Unify bounds for compile-time and runtime mfactChris Down
2020-04-03config.mk: fix POSIX_C_SOURCE macro for feature test for snprintf()Hiltjo Posthuma