AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-25Apply few personal changesHEADmasterDawid Potocki
2020-09-02bump version to 5.0Hiltjo Posthuma
2020-06-11Fix memory leaks in drwHiltjo Posthuma
2019-03-03revert IME supportHiltjo Posthuma
2019-02-12improve xopenim error messageHiltjo Posthuma
2019-02-12make dmenu_path script executableHiltjo Posthuma
2019-02-12fix crash when XOpenIM returns NULLHiltjo Posthuma
2019-02-04Close when the embedding window is destroyedQuentin Rameau
2019-02-02Prepared 4.9 release.Anselm R Garbe
2019-01-27dmenu.1: document improved fastgrab behaviour from previous patchHiltjo Posthuma
2019-01-27Use slow path if stdin is a ttydok
2018-07-21dmenu_path: always use the cachedirQuentin Rameau
2018-06-02Makefile: just show the compiler outputHiltjo Posthuma
2018-06-02Do not strip at link stageHiltjo Posthuma
2018-05-25code-style for pledge: check the return code -1, not < 0Hiltjo Posthuma
2018-05-25code-style for pledge(2)Hiltjo Posthuma
2018-05-25Pledge on OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma
2018-05-12Use bold for keyboard shortcuts in dmenu.1David Demelier
2018-04-22Fix cursor drawn position with wide glyphsQuentin Rameau
2018-04-22Makefile: bikesheddingly replace ${} with $()Quentin Rameau
2018-04-22Handle IME inputQuentin Rameau
2018-04-22Fix handling of input stringsHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-15Update LICENSEQuentin Rameau
2018-03-14bump version to 4.8Hiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-13add key bindings for moving to the word start or endQuentin Rameau
2018-01-04Fix regression in 84a1bc5Hiltjo Posthuma
2018-01-04Instantiate j var outside #ifdef XINEMARA directive because it is used in loo...Vincent Carluer
2017-11-03drw: drw_scm_create: use Clr typeHiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03fix a possible free of a uninitialize variable in paste()Hiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03init colors using SchemeLastHiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03Set class name on menu windowOmar Sandoval
2017-05-02release 4.7Hiltjo Posthuma
2016-12-11Revert "fix input text matching"Andrew Gregory
2016-11-25Xinerama: correct variable declarations in preprocessor conditionalThomas Gardner
2016-11-05die() on calloc failureHiltjo Posthuma
2016-10-14add embedding support with -w optionQuentin Rameau
2016-10-14dmenu.1: group single optionsQuentin Rameau
2016-10-14dmenu.1: fix -l optionQuentin Rameau
2016-08-12die() consistency: always add newlineHiltjo Posthuma
2016-07-26fix crash if negative monitor (< -1) was passedHiltjo Posthuma
2016-07-26Revert "Print highlighted input text only on single match"Hiltjo Posthuma
2016-07-26Print highlighted input text only on single matchQuentin Rameau
2016-07-25Partially revert 44c7de3: fix items text width offset calculationQuentin Rameau
2016-06-28config.def.h: style improvement, use color Scheme enumHiltjo Posthuma
2016-06-28fix: Do not crash on e.g. dmenu < /dev/nullS. Gilles
2016-06-03import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.Markus Teich
2016-02-23arg.h: fixed argv checks orderLucas Gabriel Vuotto
2016-01-14TypofixKlemens Nanni
2015-12-19Shut up glibc about _BSD_SOURCE being deprecatedQuentin Rameau
2015-12-19Add config option for word delimitersQuentin Rameau