BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake `firefox-developer-edition` package on Arch use a correct profileDawid Potocki9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysMake `firefox-developer-edition` package on Arch use a correct profileHEADmasterDawid Potocki
9 daysChange location of a wallpaperDawid Potocki
9 daysFinally make `dmenu-logout` properly workDawid Potocki
9 daysUse a `$GEM_HOME` variable in `$PATH`Dawid Potocki
9 daysMake diff-mode neovim colors sanerDawid Potocki
10 daysFix smartcase in neovimDawid Potocki
10 daysRemove `deoplete-padawan` neovim pluginDawid Potocki
10 daysChange ncmpcpp visualizer colorDawid Potocki
10 daysAdd GIMP as an option to open `image/svg+xml` filesDawid Potocki
10 daysFix wrapping issues with bash PS1Dawid Potocki
2021-03-15Fix highlight color in `less`Dawid Potocki
2021-03-10Simplify `biual` script, change dir to `$XDG_DATA_HOME/biual-git`Dawid Potocki
2021-03-10Add newsboat configDawid Potocki
2021-03-10Add dhl-tracking script for tracking DHL shipmentsDawid Potocki
2021-03-10Print clock icon inside bar-time instead of in dwmblocksDawid Potocki
2021-03-10Fix a weird dwmblocks bug with bar-covid-19Dawid Potocki
2021-03-10Add scripts for dwmblocksDawid Potocki
2021-03-10Vastly improve bar-covid-19Dawid Potocki
2021-03-10Add more *padding* in sh/zsh/bash configsDawid Potocki
2021-03-10Simply xterm window title functions in zshDawid Potocki