BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd LSP formatting binding in NeovimDawid Potocki3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-02-27Add LSP formatting binding in NeovimHEADmasterDawid Potocki
2022-02-27Make reply bindings consistent in aercDawid Potocki
2022-02-27Show recipient name in aerc if an email is from usDawid Potocki
2022-02-22Apply Chromium flags to Flatpak versionsDawid Potocki
2022-02-22Don't leave a trailing space at the end of $PROMPTDawid Potocki
2022-02-12Update dmenu-unicode to include Emoji 14.0Dawid Potocki
2022-02-12Simplify Neovim completion config fileDawid Potocki
2022-01-27Readd partial alignment fix in userContent.cssDawid Potocki
2022-01-26Clean up userContent.css and don't leak it to websitesDawid Potocki
2022-01-23Use default GTK fontDawid Potocki
2022-01-23Change dmenu-screenshot defaults and clean it upDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Replace unmaintained polkit-gnome with mate-polkitDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Update copyright yearDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Hide the useless banner when using ffmpeg commandsDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Move lyrics directory to ~/.local/share/lyricsDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Show artists instead of album artist in ncmpcppDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Fix SC2027 in biual scriptDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Update Firefox configurationDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Don't vendor arkenfox user.js, instead use arkenfox-updaterDawid Potocki
2022-01-22Change mpd file locations to be more XDG compliantDawid Potocki